Proposals are accepted annually and are competitively reviewed based upon the following factors:

  • Potential to positively impact a large population and provide a substantial healthcare cost savings
  • The likelihood that success would improve quality of life and/or safety for patients
  • Inclusion of tangible work products / deliverables that represent meaningful (further fundable) milestones if successful
  • PI experience
  • Technical risk (moderate risk is acceptable)

DHTI identifies technical focus areas in which we believe innovation is likely to lead to rapid gains in healthcare quality and affordability such as: Pain and Addiction Management, Optimization of Drug Delivery, Medical Diagnostics, Chronic Disease Management, Transition of Care and Behavioral Economics. DHTI specifically seeks proposals in the technical focus areas listed, but during the annual submission process, we are also open to any proposals that the faculty deems relevant, provided they meet the criteria for leading to measurable, short term impact on healthcare quality and affordability. Awards are intended to support research that identifies disruptive health care innovations which can be clinically tested and rapidly delivered to a clinical setting or practice in the field.

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